Logitech just debuted a badass new Folio Keyboard accessory for 9-10 inch tablets, compatible with Android models, iPads and Windows 10 slates. It’s supposed to offer laptop-like functionality, whenever and wherever you use the tablet. There’s a 4 point grip here that holds the device securely in place.

The advantage is that we get well spaced keys, that stretch in edge to edge fashion, so there’s no cramping. Key travel of 2 mm offers great depth for comfortable typing. There’s also a set of function and shortcut keys for iOS, Android and Windows and we get a two year battery life. There’s a “coin battery” system here and a smart power management system, which adjusts the power usage in smart fashion.

The product is up for order over at Logitech for $59.99 a pop. Logitech promises zero learning curve in order to use the keyboard and a sturdy plastic shell protects the slate from daily damage (and even some spills). Keep in mind there’s no camera hole here, so you’ll have to rely on the tablet for typing and work, but no camera action. Supported models include iPad Air 2, Air 1, iPad 2, 3 and 4, Galaxy Tab A and S models or the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch and HDX to name a few.