During a press event, Lenovo unveiled today in China, a couple of new tablets and notebook devices. We’re talking about the Yoga Tab 3, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro slate, the Yoga 4 Pro notebook, and about the Yoga MIIX 4 notebook. If you remember, a couple of days ago, Lenovo’s roadmap was leaked online, and these devices above were among the ones expected to be launched pretty soon.


The first device unveiled, is the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, a slate that comes in two different variants, one with a 8-inch display and another with 10-inch panel. The 10.1 inch variant offers a Quad-HD resolution, a 180 degree rotating projector, and four JBL speakers. We’re getting Dolby Atmos audio technology, and water and dust proof certification. We get a 10.200 mAh battery that promises up to 18 hours of lifetime, and USB+OTG support.


There’s support for any conductor object to be used as stylus, a scratch-ressistant glass applied on the display and 2 GB of RAM + 32 GB space of internal storage. The 8-inch variant packs an Intel Atom X8 processor, but offers a rotating camera instead of the projector found on the 10-inch slate. Beside the Pro variant, we’ll get the standard Yoga Pro 3 tablet too, device priced at $314.


Next we have the Yoga 4 PRO notebook, a new device that packs an Intel Core i processor (6th Gen), JBL speakers, Dolby Audio technology and a battery that promises up to 9 hours of lifetime. We get an USB Type-C port, and a case that weighs just 1.29 kg and measures 14.9 mm in thickness. In terms of prices. it seems that the Intel Core i5 model costs $1335, while the Intel Core i7 variant is priced at $1885.


The last device showed up on the scene, was the YOGA Miix 4 convertible notebook. This device can be used as well as a regular notebook, and also as a tablet thanks to the removable qwerty keyboard. Apparently, the variant with Intel Core Duo M3 processor is priced at $864, while the variant with Intel Core M5 costs $1099.