Le Pan II sounds like a pretentious name for a cooking instrument, to be honest… Actually, it’s a 9.7 inch Honeycomb tablet that just received the FCC approval. This device’s name translates to “The Pan”, but the product is manufactured by a company called Le Pan, based in L.A and having nothing to do with cooking.

FCC documents mention that the Le Pan tablet will come with WiFi, a microSD card slot, Honeycomb and a 30 pin dock connector. The device looks pretty square to me, which is very odd, considering tablets are usually rectangular, or at least they try to be. Le Pan sells its products on Amazon, so expect a debut of the Le Pan II via the e-tailer soon.

No info about the specs, but since this is a Honeycomb model and it has this branding, I wouldn’t bet on quad core Tegra 3 being available on it. It’s probably just another Tegra 2 slate with a decent price tag.

  • Deian Stancu

    My God, aren’t they going to stop????? So many useless tablets, the market is flooded with them……

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  •  Don’t be ridiculous.  The first Le Pan 970 was a cheap beast.  This one looks to be even better.  BestBuy has it listed @ $269 with a dual core 1.2ghz snapdragon, honeycomb 3.2 and 1gb of DDR3.  The screen on the original Le Pan 970 was supposed to be out of the world nice.  Device was a bit heavy and there seemed to be some weird wifi issues on a very few (<5%) of the items shipped.  But for that price this thing should be given a second look rather than writing it off.

  • Bplair

    Le Pan isn’t based in LA, that’s just the distribution. This is a Chinese mfg, though why they hide that is a mystery. Based in Hong Kong.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing really odd about the shape.  In fact, I prefer it (I don’t understand why people are going for all the widescreen aspect ratios on tablets —  I think Apple’s iPad got it right.)  The original Le Pan TC 970 has a 4:3 aspect ratio (1024×768) display similar to the iPad.  I’m guessing the new model has this same aspect ratio which is likely why it appears more square in the picture.  Reviews on the Le Pan have been pretty positive for a relatively unknown brand. 

  • Anonymous

    The Le Pan tablets have at least one distinguishing feature: aspect ratio of 4:3.  As far as I can tell, it’s the only 9.7-10″ Android tablet you can buy in that aspect ratio.  So for anyone looking for an iPad alternative with a similar aspect ratio for reading books etc. this might fit the bill.

  • Lepanhappy

    I got this on a chance. It can do everything my wife’s iPad can do and more at $400 less…It is a rugged beast as well.. Only hope it lasts couple of years, it will pay for itself multiple times over

  • Boobsy

    I just ordered Le Pan-II as well.I want to use it for the GPS feature.The Tegra 2 loads marine maps really crappy .So far I used Vizio vtab Asus transformer tegra2 Icer Iconia a500,The Qualcom 1.2 should load these maps twice as fast from what I have watched it demo beside the Tegra2.I also like late night movies.Honestly Tegra 2 is Garbage the Vizio Vtab was better which also had 1024 x 768 and loaded maps better than Tegra 2 it just ran too hot and I figured the heat would end it’s life pre maturely.I am hoping the Le pan works out I have spent months researching specs.So far the Iconia A500 USB port was the best addition to have I will miss the option.Although I do suspect the Le Pan 2 will have a dock with HDMI possibly a USB port most definite HDMI.Le Pan is looking to make a good side buck on accessories for the new pad from what I am told.This will be the sleeper Tablet of early 2012 hopefully I will get this before Christmas,it seems like a big secret where they are hiding these tablets .I do know they are here in the states warehoused and ready to ship in a limited supply of 20,000 units,I am hoping Amazon is accurate and has a guarantee of the supply if not they should remove it like they did the Asus Prime when they knew they could not get any more before new years.Tegra3 overpriced for my needs.I may buy one to play around with and return it like I did a few other tabs I did not mention.I am definitely a windows 8 fan and will cough up the big bucks for that.Windows 8 is a logical choice for a working tablet for my needs.Truth be told android tablets and Ipads are nothing but toys compared to real pc’s and Macs.

  • Does anyone when bestbuy is going to get them back in stock. I called LePan and they told  me they were going to be sending it out to stores during mid december to early january. Let me know Please. I really want one of theese for christmas.

  • Boobsy

    They never had the second version.My understanding is there will be 20k tablets coming from yesterday till February.Take this for what it is worth.Possibly when it arrives there may be a better deal on another tablet.They are trying to get this to market before that happens.

  • Where were you able to order it?

  • Boobsy

    Amazon; I posted a link the site may not allow it

  • Did you receive it yet? Is Le Pan selling it directly or is it another seller. I really want one but Best buy still has it out of stock and they have no idea when they will have it in stock again. I really wanted it for Christmas but no one has it.