After yesterday’s release of a new NOOK, now we have a new Kobo Aura One out. It’s actually a version of the Kobo Aura One 7.8 inch e-reader with extra storage. The bump is quite impressive, quadrupling the previous version’s storage and reaching 32 GB.

Kobo’s Aura One was launched last year and now it’s time for an upgrade. Last year’s unit is priced at $230 and has 8 GB of storage. For people who want more room for their content, the new price is $280, for the 32 GB model. Other than that features stay unchanged, from the 7.8 inch 1872 x 1404 pixel E Ink Carta display to the microUSB port and WiFi connectivity.

The e-reader also has a front light system, dubbed “ComfortLight Pro”, which is becoming more and more popular in this segment. It also reduces blue light, by the way. Offering an excellent 300 dots per inch, the product doesn’t have a microSD card slot, but what it has is support for a pretty wide range of formats, from EPUB to PDF and from MOBI to JPG.

A big plus for this device, compared to the Amazon ones is the obvious lack of “special offers” and ads within the homescreen and lockscreen. The new Kobo reaches the market in late November or even December, only in USA and Japan.