The Kindle Paperwhite maybe be exclusively an e-reader, but that doesn’t mean it can’t suffer some sort of jailbreak or hack. The device just got through a jailbreak based on the hack for the Kindle Touch, now ported to this E Ink e-reader and available on the Paperwhite.

The features that you can unlock include using your device for weather information and serial terminal access with Raspberry Pi systems. The jailbreak for 5.1.2 firmware works for the Paperwhite 5.2.0 firmware. A word of caution here: the hacks that are installed on a jailbroken PaperWhite may cause bricking. The debricking requires a serial port use, until you discover how to get it into USB Downloader mode. It appears that the device was easily hacked from the look of things.

Installation is as easy as uploading a certain file to the root directory of the Kindle Paperwhite and then restarting the device. When it boots up again, it will be jailbroken. Once again be sure that you know what you are doing.