I’m more of a Saturday Night Live fan , but Jimmy Kimmel gets the occasional funny skit during his show. One related to the iPad is shown below, inspired by the rumor that there’s a 12.9 inch coming next year.


Apparently, he thinks that the future involves a huge iPad, one that folds into a bed and looks like the one in the GIF above. It’s too big to hold with two hands and you can basically use it as a surf board among others. It’s also big enough to serve as a spartan shield and can probably crush more than a bug, basically any animal that gets in your way. This skit is done to highlight how ridiculous people seem when taking pics with their current iPads.

They would be even more ridiculous if they did that with a 12.9 inch iPad. I’m pretty sure that there are people out here taking pictures with their Surface tablets, which to me is as bad as the GIF above. Why not take a picture with your laptop then? And maybe while you’re carrying that beautiful Smart TV up the stairs, jump it to a car battery and take some pictures with that sweet sweet “tablet” too.