Japan Display (JDI), a joint-venture company of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba announced today a new 7-inch Full HD panel that offers 1000 nits of peak brightness and a great reduced power consumption.


This panel comes with a Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and we find out that it was built using the Sony’s WhiteMagic technology that adds a white pixel to the RGB standard configuration. With this RGBW matrix the display power consumption is up to 40% lower than the one required by a conventional LCD screens.

The 7-inch display offers a high permeability of the RGWB pixels and a twofold boost up to 1000 nits, making the screen to look visible even in direct sunlight. While indoors we get a 500 nits of peak brightness and a lower power consumption, outside with this boost mode the consumption it’s similar to the one of an ordinary LCD panel.

  • MarylandUSA

    This is a promising and welcome development. I love the Triluminos display on my Sony Z Ultra phone; it’s sharp and color-accurate. But it’s nowhere near bright enough when used in the sun.