With the iEverything gadgets out there, it was only a matter of time till an iSchool popped up. Thus, I am not surprised that there are schools heavily based on iPads, that Cult of Mac detailed in a recent story that included interviews. There’s even a company in Utah called iSchool that provides the needed tablets to Texas, Colorado, Utah, Minesota and Nevada schools.

You must know that 500 iPad2s, 500 Macbook Pros and 75 iMacs were provided to the Colorado school Legacy Academy, with a total cost of $1 million. How about telling your parents that you attend a $1 million school? Every student in the school grades K-8 gets an iPad for studying purposes and there’s also a special contract with Apple for volume app purchasing.

iSchool focuses more on charter schools, some of them private and some public. Revenue per pupil increase is the goal here and considering the tech innovations that these kids are given, I can’t see why the riches wouldn’t pay heavily for their offspring’s education in this way. iBooks are of course the main focus on the iPad and teachers have stuff like math bingo or Math Ninja available as software for the kids.

Science apps are also interesting enough and students are encouraged to create videos and podcasts. In the end, I’d like to state a single thing: do you know how many third world country schools you can start or renovate with $1 million?