Engadget recently took the time to analyze a new and interesting e-reader, the iriver Story Touch Edition, that you can visualize in the following images. iriver also brought its gizmo to IFA 2010 and you have to know that this is a 6 inch touchscreen gizmo headed for Europe and Korea this month.

Engadget’s preview of the device turned out a little disappointing, as the 800 x 600 E Ink resolution failed to please the reviewers. The resistive touchscreen layer has a bad effect on the readability of text on the device and in other news, there’s also a stylus bundled with the unit.

Story Touch goes for EUR 229, it includes 2GB of storage and lacks WiFi, for now, but a WiFi version is also scheduled for release, complete with an email app and a light browser.

[via Engadget]