Stacy Rasgon is one of the Sanford Bernstein analysts with an interesting view on the future of tablets. The specialist expressed his ideas in a 49 page paper detailing the current and future markets for consumer tablets. Rasgon gives Apple the credit for making tablets popular and sees the iPad as the dominant force of this segment in the future as well.

Meanwhile, we’re remembered that Apple sold 19.5 million iPads in the first year the product was launched. This stands for twice the number of netbooks and 3 times the number of iPhones sold in the same time frame. Rasgon expects the tablet market to explode in a couple of years and annual sales to reach 215 million units by 2015.

20% of consumers are supposedly tempted by a tablet and intend to make a purchase of this kind in the following year, according to a Bernstein study. Back to the analysis of Stacy Rasgon, he says that PCs have a long life ahead and there’s no reason to fear cannibalization from tablets.

  • Deian Stancu

    I don’t think that tablets are eating PC market, either.
    Desktop PC’s have their place in market, there will always exist need of PC’s in corporate environment.
    Tablets are fad gadgets for now, even if they are useful in some point of battery and weight over laptops, they are more expensive than a simple laptop. Android and Ios are still not mature enough to replace Windows and Office.

    Apple sold millions of Ipads because they can sell packed poop and people will still buy because it was blessed by st. Jobs…. Apple sells a concept, not a product, this is what big brands fail to understand.