Today it was the great Apple iPad launch day, but the main gadget sites out there had their reviews ready in time for the event. Believe it or not, the general opinion concerning this “bigger iPod Touch” is that it’s a pretty good device. BGR had a look at the most important reviews of the device and so will we, in the following lines.

USA Today’s Ed Baig claims that there’s room for improvement on this device, but the product is impressive overall. Tim Gideon, from PC Magazine says that this product is not perfect, but you can work well with it and it’ll eventually replace your laptop. Andy Ihnatko, from Chicago Sun-Times mentions the useful features of the tablet, like reading a book, writing a report or simply checking your mail, overall a very compelling experience.

Apparently, the same reviewer says that this is the best PC in the house… kind of an overstatement, don’t you think? Xeni Jardin, from Boing Boing claims that he likes the device a lot, while Bob LeVitus, from Houston Chronicle mentions that this is a new category of device and not a laptop replacement. The famous Walt Mossberg, writing for The Wall Street Journal praises the tablet’s interface, but plays it safe, mentioning that time will tell if this is a real laptop alternative.

We’re waiting for a negative opinion on this device, to give everyone a balanced view of the product, but so far no rough critique for Apple’s new cash cow.

[via BGR]