And here’s yet another batch of iPad Mini pics that have leaked on the web, this time courtesy of the site and republished by We could be dealing with a fake made in China or simply with the real thing. I have to remind you that rumors say we’re supposed to see the iPhone 5 launching tomorrow and the iPad Mini in October.

The interesting thing about this leak is that the device seems to fit perfectly in the holster unveiled earlier this week by a MacRumors reader. The location of the cutouts from the holster also fits the new device, so it’s a pretty realistic leak, if I may say so. This is probably one of those prototype thingies sent to accessories makers or carriers ahead of the unveilings, if you want me to speculate. Once again, it could be a fake, but it’s hard to believe people go through so much trouble nowadays to make such fake slates.

I’m convinced that on September 12th with the new iPhone Apple will at least say “no, there’s no iPad Mini” or maybe they’ll hint at the new product, since they can’t leave us hanging like that for so long. From the pics I can say that the device looks very portable, seems to have big speakers at the bottom and that proprietary new dock port. Would you buy this newcomer over the Nexus 7?