The iPad Mini has stirred a bit of online controversy when it was supposed to have mono speakers, or at least so said Apple in its official specs listing, that only said “built in speaker”. Then reviews appeared claiming it actually had stereo speakers, but now Apple’s Phil Schiller made matters clear and confirmed that the iPad Mini is a stereo device.

Previously, in a comparison table between the iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD, an Amazon ad praised the Dolby Digital Plus dual stereo speakers on the Amazon device and criticized the single speaker on the new smaller iPad. So it would appear that the Amazon ad was actually wrong and short after Phil Schiller sent out the email confirming the stereo bit, the Amazon ad was pulled from its homepage.

I guess that the first teardowns could have cleared the matters for us, but they’ve yet to appear, since the tablet is not yet in stores for regular purchase. Frankly speaking, it would have been strange in this day and age for you to only get a single mono speaker on a new generation of tablet…

  • JohnnyL53

    Considering the lack of separation they may as well be mono.