Yesterday brought us a more affordable 9.7 inch iPad, which some say it’s sort of an iPad Air 2 Lite, but also a bumped up storage version of the iPad Mini 4. At the same time an older iPad was put to rest, the iPad Mini 2.

Also known as the iPad Mini Retina for a while, this slate has been the most affordable and reasonably powerful 7.9 inch device on the market for a few years now. I own one and I can say it can run any new iOS game like a champ. The battery is also great. The iPad Mini 2 was the first iPad Mini with a Retina Display and it debuted back in 2013.

Apple has been neglecting the smaller tablet segment, ever since the iPad Mini 3 and its introduction of Touch ID. It’s not very clear what plans Apple has for this product segment, although there were rumors that an iPad Mini Pro was in the making. If it’s real it should debut in April, or the fall with the iPhone 8/7s at the latest.

Is there still hope for a smaller powerhouse of the kind?