We’ve heard about the Apple A5X processor being benchmarked against the Tegra 3 CPU a couple of days ago and now there’s a real life hands on experience, a comparison between the iPad 3 and a Tegra 3-based slate. As you know, the new iPad uses the new A5x processor, but the real appeal is the quad core graphics inside, that’s supposed to be much better than the graphics solution of Tegra 3.

Apple previously claimed that the A5x will provide 4 times the graphical performance of the Tegra 3 chip, but Apple has yet to show a benchmark to prove that. That’s why we have the video below, comparing two of the most popular games in the Android and iOS world. As you can see, the Tegra 3 tablet shows a waving flag in Shadowgun, more realistic smoke and adds that water splash effect in Riptide, something that on the iPad 3 you won’t see, most likely because the game was specifically made for Tegra 3.

Also, in the GLBenchmark 2.1 done by Laptop Magazine, the Tegra 3 GPU beat the iPad 3 GPU by quite a distance (1,571 points to 692), so the new Apple tablet isn’t as good as some may hope. The advantage of said tablet, as seen in the video below is how clear the text is show on the Retina Display during the game and how vivid the colours are. When all’s said and done I’d like to see Infinity Blade II running on the Tegra 3 tablet, for comparison sake, since that was a game specifically made for iOS, just like Shadowgun and Riptide are most likely made for Android… Biased comparison anyone?