The first beta of iOS 8.1 has been made available to developers today and with it come hints regarding future devices. Developer Hamza Sood has discovered hidden settings and code from the new version, that may confirm the inclusion of Touch ID on a future iPad.


First of all, there’s a screenshot of a hidden Settings area for Apple Pay, allowing users to manage their credit and debit cards. They can also input default cards, billing and shipping addresses, email and phones. An interesting aspect is that the Apple Pay disclosure mentions that the device information and location may be sent back to Apple and to the card issues to determine frauds or eligibility.

Right now, only the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch are compatible with Apple Pay, but somehow there’s evidence in iOS 8.1 that the iPads will be supported. I’m talking about a code string, that mentions payment with iPads using Touch ID. It’s not clear if future iPads will have NFC support or if they will be limited to app based transactions, but Touch ID on the iPad is a theory I’ve heard of before.