It becomes as obvious as possible that tablets are expected to replace notebook PCs in the not so distant future. These devices are now in front and center gathering the largest number of supporters, including manufacturers such as Microsoft or even Intel. The once only available at home PC is likely to become highly mobile and user friendly.


What Microsoft has done with the surface is to give a very accurate glimpse into the future of the tech industry.  A good idea of it is the remarks the software giant has made in order for the manufacturers to realise the importance of a design made for Windows 8. So far only a handful of  providers have shown willing to integrate the new manufacturing perspective. And then from where least expected comes a device that offers the same assets as the Surface and more.

The Inhon Carbon Tablet is both carefully designed and very light-weight. It offers hardware configurations based on either the Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 and comes with a detachable keyboard just in the style Microsoft offers, though with more prominent buttons. There are USB 3.0 and Mini DisplayPort, along with a very quiet cooling system to enhance the product’s ergonomics. Prices are estimated between $1,007 to $1,343 and the tablet is likely designed for the Taiwanese market though we can’t tell whether it will be available anywhere else.