If you like board games, miniatures and such leisures, you may be happy to know that now you can combine tablet gameplay with board games, through a new Kickstarter initiative. It’s called PlaneQuest and connects miniatures with tablet gameplay.


The TabletTop Miniatures come with special conductive bases that allow you to move in digital worlds and interact with digital characters. That way, you’re moving your “pawn” on the tablet display and your in game character reacts in real time. This Kickstarter project has 26 backers so far, who pledged 663 quid out of the 150,000, with 42 days left.

If you pledge 26 quid or more, you get the preorder special, that includes miniatures and the game, with the full champion pack of TabletTop Miniatures. You get one PlaneQuest Champion from each race: the Sauren, Sentinel, Tigron, Draken and Archon. A pledge of 2000 quid or more will give you the chance to design a new planar champion and get its unique figurine. More details in the source link below.