An Indian startup wants to stand out from the crowd by launching customized tablets under the “Pinig Tabs” brand. They’re meant for women, children, gamers and senior citizens, apparently. The price tag is supposed to be under $82.


The products are powered by Android  and the company, Pinig Tech has divided the tablet into ranges. There’s the Executive Tab, Kids Tab, Woman Tab and Gaming Tab, as well as the Senior Tab for all user groups. The prices can go up to $210 for the best specced models. The Kids Tab can be used by an 8 month old child to learn numbers and rhymes, while the Senior Tab is meant to be useful in the hands of a 70 year old.

The company also promises the Pinig Tab will be a “managed device”, meaning it automatically upgrades certain chosen apps, when a new version is released. There are also bundled apps, related to holidays, e-books and various health and culture applications. Pining wants to provide festive packs, with tablet covers, earphones, 3G dongles and more. The Kids Tab will come in 3 age categories, from toddlers to pre teens.