We’ve been hearing about the HTC Puccini 10 inch Android tablet for a while now, but this time we’re dealing with a different phenomenon: a leak. The 10 inch Android slate follows up the HTC Flyer 7 inch unit and should come with LTE connectivity, according to rumors.

HTC Puccini is supposed to come through AT&T, supporting once again the Scribe Pen, just like the Flyer. Hardware-wise we’ll be getting a 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8660 dual core processor and a WXGA display (800 x 1280). As far as the name of this device is concerned, since it belongs to a famous Italian composer of operas, this device could well be a multimedia creation device, or a nifty musical player with a big diagonal.

Once you hear about an official HTC event, it will probably be related to this new 10 inch tablet.