As you might already know, the HTC Flyer tablet has received the Honeycomb treatment recently and it now runs version 3.2 of Android. The guys of HTC Hub hurried and did a review of the update version, to see what’s changed. They have the 32GB Flyer available, that’s shown in the vid below.

What really changes about the experience are widgets, stylus use, interface, applications and those navigational buttons from the bottom of the screen. This was one promising slate when it was launched, especially thanks to the Scribe technology, that set it apart from its competitors. Now, with Honeycomb on board and with a price a bit over $200 in some locations, this device is all the more appealing. Its single core 1.5GHz processor seems to be taking Honeycomb well, although this OS has been criticized by many by its lack of maturity.

It appears that this version of the Flyer in the review has received the new Android via OTA and so can you, if you pay attention. What I liked about the first HTC Android tablet was that it was very portable, easy to hold with one hand and actually pretty light… The camera was also not so bad and the Sense UI was a welcome extra to the world of Android slates…

  • Florin Muraru

    Not all the devices were uploaded. I received the confirmation from HTC UK that
    Please be aware that the software updates are rolled out steadily over a period of time, this can be around 8 weeks to complete depending on how many tablets there are to update, if you cannot find any update straight away please be patient, every HTC Flyer will be updated.

    I believe this in intention to do not overload the HTC servers…