It seems that the HP TouchPad’s price reduction was only the start, since it was followed by the PlayBook also getting a crazy price tag and now the HTC Flyer goes the same route and gets a $299 tag associated to it. Best Buy applied this reduction, that makes the Flyer the most appealing 7 inch slate right now.

October 1st is the date when the new price started being applied and it’s a pretty big discount ($200) from this summer’s original price. HTC Flyer was considered one of the good tablets out there with quite positive reviews focusing on its stylus input, original HTC Sense experience and overall good feeling in the user’s hands.

The unibody aluminum case is also a welcome addition. Amazon Germany is already applying the discount, in case you’re wondering. The competition is tighter than it seems, as the Acer Iconia A100 has the same price, but not the same appeal of the Sense UI plus pen. What will be the next tablet to receive such a discount? Maybe the first Xoom?