Best Buy has just announced the availability of the pre-sales for the HTC Flyer tablet, starting from April 25th. The device costs $499 in the WiFi-only version and for now it runs only Gingerbread, although a Honeycomb update was confirmed for later release.

This slate comes with a single core 1.5GHz CPU, a 7 inch touch display, WiFi and aluminum unibody design. A specialized gesture interface called Scribe is available and there’s also a stylus in the mix, for better input and text underlining while reading. Keep in mind that for the very same price you can get an iPad 2 WiFi-only unit, capable of doing much more than this HTC device, so choose wisely.

Or you can add some extra bucks and buy yourselves a nifty Honeycomb tablet made by Motorola, the Xoom. The choice is yours and we really wonder what Honeycomb will be like on the Flyer, weeks or maybe months from now.