It appears that HP has been readying new devices, probably for MWC 2014 and among them there’s a 6 inch and 7 inch Android device. Those are supposed to cost less than $250 and below you can see the first leaked image of the 6 incher.


This model is supposedly called HP Slate 6 Voice Tab and it already appeared at the Bluetooth certification authority and graphics benchmark databases. The blurry pic comes from a presentation at the HP Labs apparently and it shows the white back of the phone with a pretty big camera area. A tipster claims that the HP Slate 6 will feature a quad core 1 GHz Marvell processor and a 1280 x 720 display.

It will also have dual SIM support and a price tag around $200 off contract. How does this sound to you? Maybe too good to be true? HP had a strong presence at MWC 2013 and I expect a similar one at this year’s show in Barcelona. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this product debuting earlier than MWC to be honest…