Owners of the Nexus 7 and other Android 3.2+ devices will be happy to know that now they can mount external flash storage to their devices, even if they don’t support USB flash drives or SD cards. The way to do that is use the app Nexus Photo Viewer and a USB OTG cable.

The software allows you to view JPEG photos from a USB stick or a microSD card attached to card reader and the cable, also attached to the tablet. You can find a USB OTG cable for as low as $1 on Amazon and the app can be downloaded from here. There’s no rooting needed and the USB drive must be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32, not NFTS or extX. The application needs Android 3.2 and up to work and it takes a measly 184 kb of storage.

The software is free and from the comments of the users on Play Store I figured out that it works quite well. It may not be aesthetically pleasing to see something dangling at the bottom of the tablet, but at least you can attach extra memory, right? More details in the video below.