Well, the tablets are getting pretty generic these days and it’s easy to pull off a meme with them. Thus, after seeing a tablet used by a priest here for a sermon, now a presumed iPad surfaces attached to a car’s dashboard as shown in the pic below. I wonder what the driver was trying to do here… maybe find a quicker way to heaven via GPS?

Kidding aside, it was only a matter of time till cars started getting special customizations for tablets. People were already tweaking their vehicles for laptops, iPhones and consoles, so why not give a tablet a chance. However, a tablet is a totally different matter and placing it in the front seat isn’t really the best way to drive, since it can distract you.

Since this photo was most likely taken in Romania, according to my source, there’s a pretty funny explanation for the tablet with icon on the screen. First, in this Eastern European country people are very religious and some of them adorn the windshield with lots of crosses, icons and whatnot. Well, replacing these icons there’s this supposed iPad… Smart way to get some holy vibe, right?