If you’re an Android tablet owner, you probably know that time when you’re searching for a cool tablet app, you access the Google Play Store and the preview area only shows you the way the app would look like on a phone. Well, we’re finally about to see tablet-sized thumbnails in the Play Store.


Developers have been working on 7 and 10 inch versions of the screenshots, that preview the functions of the app. They will be integrated into the Play Store, right at the top of the app description window. Preview screenshots will be shown in full size and correctly. The update follows a tablet app quality checklist that was done last autumn.

Developers will work with the standard Google Play Developer Console in order to upload the full size screenshots, just like they uploaded the phone screenshots. There will be a place to upload handset screenshots, one for 7 inch tablets and one for 10 inchers. Of course there are other sizes to cover, but these are the basic ones and it’s a very good start. Now hopefully, the tablet apps will also be optimized for running on these diagonals… since there are some apps out there that don’t run that well.