Google hinted at this year’s I/O 2022 event that it was working on a new Pixel tablet with a Tensor CPU inside. The Big G even teased such a device, by partially showing off its design and today we learn more about the product codenamed “Tangor”, according to

This device showed up recently on a list of Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) products. This Initiative aims at creating an unified standard for active pen input, so any stylus can be used on any certified device. Back in 2018 Google worked with them offering support for styli on some Chromebooks. Version 2.0 came in February, with support for wireless charging. Google’s Pixel Tablet may debut this fall with the Pixel 7 (or in 2023) and it may end up being a larger diagonal device.

The listing from the USI database was posted back in January, so the device has been in development for a hot minute. There’s also a theory saying we should tone down our expectations, as Google may launch a mere hybrid between a tablet and a Smart Display, with a base dock and a stylus. We’ve heard that they’re working on a Nest tablet of sorts before, but the Pixel branding needs to be applied to something better specced.

The question is who makes the stylus and is it as complex as the Apple Pencil or a simpler Samsung S-Pen?