Google decided to do an AMA (Ask My Anything) session on Reddit regarding the Pixel C tablet, that went on sale this week and already started receiving reviews. Taking part in the session, that lasted one hour were Andrew Bowers of the Pixel C team, Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android and ChromeOS and Bensong Leung, software engineer.

pixel c team

As you probably know already, the Pixel C is a 10.2 inch tablet with a large resolution, USB Type C port and Android 6.0 on board. Priced at $500, the device hasn’t exactly been receiving raving reviews, since Engadget quotes some aspects as “rookie mistakes”, while Ars Technica and The Verge had problems with the touchscreen response and the keyboard disconnected frequently in their tests.

The Google team didn’t reply to those and they were keen to mention that they really worked hard to push the product out before holidays. This makes it feel like they rushed it a bit, especially since some features will be coming with future updates, apparently. People on Reddit are complaining about the lack of extra features, something to set apart the Pixel C from regular slates with Android.

The Google folks claim that Android N will unlock even more functionality on the device, that’s compatible with several styluses on the market, but won’t get its own accessory, unlike what Apple and Microsoft did with their latest slates. Multi Window is also mentioned by the Pixel C guys and several other features, that will be shared soon.

So, is it just me or does this feel like an unfinished product? The full Reddit AMA is here.