Google’s latest update of the Reader app wasn’t that appreciated, so they’ve come up with something new: Google Currents. This software, available on Android and iOS packages content into a magazine-like format and delivers to the user in a more friendly format and familiar, if you read digital magazines.

This app reformats articles via Google Currents, so the user can navigate around content easily and get more out of the experience thanks to swipe movement on the smartphone, for example. There was a similar initiative at some point from the Dolphin Browser HD and its Webzine feature, but that failed because of privacy concerns. Free content is also available from some famous publishers and you can even have the app retrieving blog posts and following RSS feeds.

In the end I have to wonder why anyone uses Google Reader anymore considering they have this as alternative. There’s also the option to subscribe to “editions” that you can choose and make Currents retrieve those from the local storage. And here’s a demo of the features in this application: