OnLine has just launched its cloud gaming apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This solution is on par with the current offerings in the console segment, with an optional wireless controller in the mix. The control pad relies on “adaptive wireless” to find the ideal connection with a TV, PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.

This controller sells for $49.99 and it’s available starting today. There’s a demo below giving you a rundown of all the features available courtesy of OnLive and you must know that the iOS and Android apps are available for free, but you need to buy the controller for some of the titles. 25 of the games support touchscreen input, while the rest of the 200 titles available require a controller.

Up to 4 controllers support pairing with a PC and all that through a bundled USB adapter. There’s also a Bluetooth headset for in game voice communication and you must know that the controller is powered by AA batteries or the OnLive rechargeable pack, fueled via USB connection and last about 36 hours (gaming time). Here’s the demo I was telling you about: