After yesterday’s news that HTC could be making a Nexus tablet, today we learn that an 8 incher from Google may be coming. If we tie the two together we get a nifty little conspiracy theory that may make sense for some people.


Taiwanese supply chain sources are saying that Google has been focusing on the 8 inch segment and will launch a product of this kind at the end of April, with initial shipments of 2 million units. This is very specific info, so it sounds strangely realistic. Google has worked with ASUS and Samsung on the last Nexus slates, but it may be the turn of someone else this time, maybe HTC.

Sales performance of the last gen Nexus 7 have been short compared to the expectations, so maybe it’s time to give someone other than ASUS a chance. Since I’m hearing this thing about April, I can’t help but wonder if Google I/O has been moved from May to an earlier date… Will the 8 inch Nexus debut with Android 4.5 or 5.0?