Google confirmed over the past days, that HP will be bringing out its Chromebook for schools in April, as a rugged 360 degree convertible for students. The device will have USB Type C charging and a rear facing camera.

It’s supposed to compete with the latest Chromebooks that ASUS and Acer debuted last January. It can also play nice with a stylus, although it’s not clear if the pencil is a cheap one or a higher end unit. We don’t have full specs yet, but we expect them to be on the entry level side of things. Chrome OS has been growing and growing in the education field, with estimates showing that they stand for half the education market.

This means they surpass the iPads and Windows devices, via a combo of lower prices and ease of use. There’s also the novelty of accessing Android apps from Chromebooks, a feature that has been available for only a few weeks. Google also revealed that Chromebook creative apps are now available in Europe and administrators can approve Android app libraries and install them on selected devices.