The folks of Digitimes Research have compiled the figures and have come up with a number for the tablet units shipped over the last quarter. It appears that in Q4 2013 no less than 78.45 slates were shipped.


That’s an estimation obviously, but this means an increase of 25% on quarter and by 29.8% on year. Of course the holiday season is to “blame” for this significant growth. The iPad accounted for 29.7% of the models shipped, while non Apple models from big brands stood for 36.6%. Then white box vendors came in at 33.8%.

Android units reached 51.2% of the shipments, while iOS was 44.9% and Windows merely 3.9%. 7 inch devices accounted for 31% of the shipments, while 9 inchers were 25.4%. 7.9 inch models were 19.7% and 10 inch models 15.8%. Apple had the biggest global market share among slate makers, with 29.7%, followed by Samsung with 17.4%, Amazon with 5.4% and Lenovo with 4.2%. ASUS scored in at 2.8%, while Acer had 1%.It’s interesting to see those 9 inch tablets in these stats, especially considering I’ve never seen a 9 inch tablet myself over the past year…