Remember when the word got out that Microsoft was preparing a tablet/phone hybrid that would come to AT&T exclusively? It was said to be the prodigal Surface Phone and appear in the form of a flexible machine, that went from phone to tablet in seconds. Now it seems that such a device is indeed coming to AT&T, but not made by Microsoft.

Instead it’ll be a ZTE product, dubbed Axon Multy and Evan Blass has the deets on it. The device will be a dual screen machine, that will fold open into a 6.8 inch tablet. When closed it looks like a big clamshell phone with 2 Full HD screens on the outside at the front and back side. When you open it up, it’s able to form a seamless 6.8 inch panel and inside we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

There’s also a 3120 mAh battery in the mix. A 20 megapixel camera also makes the cut, serving double duty for front and back shots. It runs on Android and it should debut in October on AT&T, priced at around $650. It’s also meant as a promotional device, since it should promote the AT&T DirecTV streaming TV service. We don’t have any images of the device leaked just yet, but we’re happy to learn that some company is testing that revolutionary format.

Last we heard Lenovo also had something of the sort in the pipeline. No word on an international launch, but odds are small for that to happen.