If you need to take your dose of Firefox on the go, know that you can do so on tablets too, since the special slate version of the browser for Android is now available. Mozilla’s latest effort is in fact Firefox 9, ideal for the tablet experience, at least for the Honeycomb one.

For one thing, everything is snappier and the main difference between Firefox and the standard Android browser is the tab management. The tabs are shown in a vertical menu on the left side of the main content area. The Awesome Screen integrates Firefox Sync and allows for easier access of the browsing history, the open tabs and bookmarks you have saved on your desktop and mobile devices. You can also access the saved passwords, if you want.

Firefox has the experience optimized for both landscape and portrait view, with the latter having tabs listed in a top left menu. These are easy to hide when you don’t need them with an easy swipe to the left. There’s a new Action Bar menu right next to the Awesome Bar, that gives you the Preferences section, Add-ons, downloads and a bunch more stuff. The Action Bar includes the standard Back, Forward and Bookmark buttons and there’s also a cool one touch bookmark option available allowing you to add icons to your Android home screen for a favourite site.

And here’s a video showing off the features of the browser: