It appears that Apple is responsible with more than burying its competitors, since now it’s killing off entire countries. Apparently, the Cupertino giant has ruined Finland’s economy, according to the country’s prime minister, Alexander Stubb.


He makes these claims as the Finland credit rating dropped from AAA to AA+ last week. The same official considers the iPhone killed off Nokia, that had its Devices & Services section sold to Microsoft months ago, while the iPad killed the paper business, that’s crucial for Finland. Nokia’s lack of success in the smartphone business is already known for a while now and apparently the iPhone is to blame.

Meanwhile, Finland was the biggest paper maker in Europe, but no longer, as the e-readers and tablets are killing that segment as well. To those problems we add the dropping euro, the crisis in Ukraine, that’s pretty close to Finland and meanwhile Rovio is not doing that great, firing almost one quarter of its staff. However, the prime minister sees hope in the new Nokia, the Networks segment and also in the bio energy.

Is Apple big enough to kill countries now?