It appears that Facebook may be a failure on Android, in the latest version of the app, but it’s also a hit on the iPhone and iPad in the meantime. The recent updates that FB underwent on the iOS platform made it much more reliable, so iPad and iPhone users rejoice. First of all, the app doesn’t crash as it used to and the interface is faster and smoother.

Facebook 5.0 is the newcomer and just for comparison sake, you need to know some faults of the predecessor app: it crashed unexpectedly, pages were jumbled and the app was very slow. In its official changelog, Facebook states that it rebuilt the software, so it will be faster and easier to use. The app loads fast, no more loading screen bothers you and the News Feed appears immediately. Also, the videos won’t be blank anymore and the pics will appear in the News Feed, something that failed to happen sometimes in the older version.

The new features here include a New Stories button, that’s placed below the navigation button and lets you get new stories from the News Feed. Refreshing is faster now and now you can quick swipe to close photos, making the experience fluid on the iPad. Photos load faster, quick notifications were also included and overall the experience is great. The app takes up about 7 MB of storage and it’s available from here.