The ExoPC slate was scheduled for an October 15 shipping, after opening pre-orders to the ExoPC forum members a while ago. Now, Engadget informs us that we won’t be seeing the tablet on the scheduled date, but rather in the first week of November, according to the device’s maker founder, Jean-Baptiste Martinoli.

He also claims that many of the PVT samples were flawed because of their touchscreens, so only 100 32GB units will ship on the above-mentioned October date. The real debut will take place when 400 more units of the 32GB and 64GB flavor get released next month and in the course of November.

There’s a new manufacturer involved, providing the same configuration, but without issues. In order to ease the pain of those who pre-ordered the ExoPC already, its maker offers a free stylus and three-legged stand. We remind you that this is a 11.6 inch, Atom-based slate we’re talking about, so it might be worth the wait in the end.

[via Engadget]