RIM’s big event last week went by, only seeing the Torch model announced, with no trace whatsoever of the long awaited BlackBerry tablet. The “BlackPad” might debut in September 2010, according to Digitimes, who also mention a price tag: $499. We learn that the device will support WiFi, Bluetooth and it’ll tether with a BB smartphone with ease, also accessing the phone’s 3G mobile connectivity.

The Canadian company that makes BlackBerries (RIM) expects to ship around 2 million units of its first tablet by the year end and 8 million more sold in 2011. This can be done assuming the device has something unique to offer, comparing to the very many tablets out there… Reports suggest the unit will include either a 7 inch display, or a 8.9 inch one.

[via slashgear]

  • Sarah

    I think BlackPad has all the chances to compete iPad. Probably 8.9 inch size would be better to provide something middle between the iPad and the announced iPad-mini of 7 inch screen.
    Sarah, from blackberry application development

  • Love it, thanks!

  • Hi,

    RIM’s BlackTab BlackBerry Tablet is so wonderful guys and its design is so cool and attractive, it is so better Tablets. I like its design and features.