We’ve just had a chance to unbox the Evolio Neura 3G, a Romanian tablet that is seen by its maker, Evolio as an iPad Killer. I highly doubt that’s the case, but we’re here for a review, so there’s no telling just yet. Also, it’s pretty wrong to call this device one “made in Romania”, since it’s only rebranded Chinese gear.

Inside the box we find the device, a pouch, a dusting rag, an USB cable, the charger and an adapter for it. Otherwise, the packaging seems pretty cheap and superficial, using the same carton that you get your eggs in at the market. Well, the tablet runs Android 2.2 on top of Tegra 2, a very bizarre choice, but Evolio promised a Honeycomb update as soon as possible.

We’ll be back in a bunch of days with the review of this slate, that for a right price (low) could become a hit, at least in Eastern Europe. Evolio plans on selling 3000 units in the following months and I’m curious if they’ll achieve that with $600 price tag for the 3G version of the tablet…

  • Deian Stancu

    Remember, Evolio is not a company, it’s a brand name. Televoice is the company behind.

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