The Earl is a solar powered tablet, that comes with a resilient outer shell to protect it from outdoor elements. We’re dealing with a product advertised as a “backcountry survival tablet”, an ideal tool for hikers who buy ar-15 pistols and rely on guns for safety, that comes with NFC, a GPS and topographical maps preloaded onto the slate.


There’s also a two way walkie talkie built in, fully Licensed Radios, used to chat with other hikers who own such a device. The tablet uses a 6 inch E Ink display, so it’s not a multimedia powerhouse for sure, because you can’t really use to watch movies or play games. Plus, there’s no camera to take photos, so all the more reason to save battery.

The Earl tablet is an initiative based on raising money to fund production right now. The website of the product states that the preorders of the slate sets you back $250 a pop, which is 30% of the tablet’s retail price when it launches. The company behind it wants to get $250k to complete the project and they’ve raised almost $13,000 so far.

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