Contract Killer Zombies is a static third person shooter, that allows you to shoot zombies, to evacuate areas of a post apocalyptic town and other forms of similar “fun”. Now Glu Mobile is launching Contract Killer Zombies 2, that will debut this week. It was just teased by its maker, through the video below.

As shown in the video, the action seems a bit more mobile, but only a bit and there’s a certain Resident Evil 1/2 feeling about it that I like. The title even includes melee sequences, so you can pound your enemies on the head with hard weapons that don’t involve bullets. There’s also a Survival mode included, allowing the user to compete for high scores and face waves of undead enemies. There are lots of varied missions to have fun with and keep the gameplay interesting.

There’s also some sniper action and Glu promised free movement this time and third person action, plus high quality 3D graphics. You can find provisions, clear escape routes, throw grenades, use shotguns, machine guns and snipers. Boss battles will also be available.