There are a few tablet brands from China we hear every once in a while, thanks to incredible prices, the occasional unusual form factor and some dual SIM models. Well, Computex 2013 was an excellent place for showcasing such Chinese slates from companies like Malata, HKC Electronic, Hasee Computer and RightFriend Electronics Technology.


They went head to head against the launches of Acer, ASUS, Lenovo and Toshiba, also present with new products at Computex 2013. ASUS unveiled a 7 inch Android slate going for $129, while Acer updated its Iconia lineup and also threw in a reasonably cheap 8 inch Windows 8 slate, the W3. In China the tablet market is dominated by local CPU makers based on ARM technologies.

MediaTek also entered this segment, so competition will be hash this year. Rockhip and Allwinner are two other players in the CPU field in China and most of them already have quad core solutions. 4 core tablets with affordable prices are already a real thing and if we reach 8 core and reasonable pricing, things will get really interesting. The pressure is on the bigger brand tablet makers, who are forced to put out cheaper and lower specced devices to manage to get ahead of their Chinese rivals.