Google has been leaking like an open faucet ahead of tomorrow’s Pixel 3 unveiling and they’ll clearly show us at least a Chrome OS tablet, if not a Pixelbook took. Now there have also been leaks related to software and you can see them below, with new control gestures for Chrome OS prepared.

The new feature comes from the Developer Channel, where Chrome OS has reached version 7.1. There’s no need to modify settings and flags and all that. You just go to the Developer Channel if you want to play with the options. You just get into tablet mode and swipe up from the bottom with nay app open to see the launcher sliding up.

If you swipe back down you will bring the last app back to the screen. It feels a bit inspired by what Android 9.0 Pie brought gesture-wise, which was in turn inspired by the iPhone X navigation gestures. The animations are a bit sluggish, but in the final version they’ll probably be snappier. Chrome apps support that feature, but Android apps give a little pop up when the launcher is brought up.

Over the past hours we’ve seen the Google Pixel Slate appearing in pictures together with the keyboard cover and stylus and with Chrome OS also in the mix. It has front facing stereo speakers, up to 16 GB of RAM and other goodies. Expect to learn the price tag tomorrow and nope, there’s no audio jack here.