Google’s Chrome OS may be designed for laptops, desktops and devices like that, but the evidence regarding a potential slate with this OS are piling up. In case we won’t see this on slates, convertible notebooks should be next in line.


Right now we’ve got the $1299 Chromebook Pixel with touchscreen on the market, but we’ve heard of Acer making its own touch Chromebook. It’s strange to see Google improving the virtual keyboard built into Chrome OS with each release, in spite of the devices the platform runs on having physical keyboards.

Google’s Francois Beaufort is claiming that the latest developer version of Chrome packs inside a virtual keyboard, with almost the same keys as the physical ones from a Chromebook. This means we get shortcuts for back/forward, page refresh, full screen, volume, a power key and a brightness setting. Chrome OS is also getting updated touchscreen gestures, including all sorts of swipes with 3 fingers or swipes from the top.

Are we ready for a Chrome OS tablet or does it feel like Google is cannibalizing Android?