Chinese tablets have started spreading all over the world, usually sporting Android and an unbeatable price tag. This is also the case of two new products, spotted in a supermarket in Timisoara, Romania. The slates aim to compete with the Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad, specially due to the low price.

One of the units pictured above is the APAD iRobot aka Moonse APAD E7002, a made in China slate packing a Telechips CPU (720MHz), Android 2.1, 256MB RAM and 2GB of NAND Flash memory. Its specs also include a 7 inch resistive touch display (800 x 480 pixels), a front 1.3MP camera and a 1400mAh battery.

The slate goes for $185 internationally, while the other device shows itself as “a Mid E-book tablet PC”, going for a similar price. If you’re the mood for an iFake, you can check out the video below for some extra hands on time with the first slate.