Kno is a Silicon Valley start-up that recently showed some interest into launching a couple of student tablets on the market before the year end. We’re talking about a limited edition with two models, one going for $599 and the other for $899. The lower priced unit is a single screen device, while the more expensive slate is a clamshell dual display tablet.

Kno works with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn on these units, that have been confirmed to reach the order of thousands once they ship. Company CEO Osman Rashid recently announced that the Kno tablets will be aimed at 10 US college campuses, although no name has been given yet. Marketing is about to follow, in order to promote the slates, so we’re bound to see some nifty commercials soon.

Meanwhile, Kno is said to have recently raised $46 million in funding and everything’s going well, specially with students giving out good feedback for the devices, in a recent beta test. The first generation of the slate is known to feature an aluminum body and we expect the company to also ship a couple of accessories with these products.