Aside from MediaTek’s new quad core CPU, that got a lot of love recently, there’s the alternative Allwinner and Rockchip. The latter is found on the Pipo M7 Chinese tablet, that packs a Rockchip RK3188 quad core CPU. This chip hit the market a few months ago and now it’s on dozens of devices.


Those include TV boxes, tablets and more, but up until now the chipset was seen on 10.1 inch, 7 inch and 7.9 inch slates. The Pipo M7 takes the diagonal to the forgotten direction of 8.9 inches, that was tried by LG and Samsung if I remember well, back in 2011. The M7 will come in two versions, one with a 1280 x 800 pixel PLS display, while the higher end version M7 Pro will pack an 8.9 inch 1920 x 1200 pixel PLS screen.

Both versions will offer view viewing angles, GPS, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. There’s also microUSB, mini HDMI and a microSD card slot and the OS is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. No idea what the price will be, but it’s nice to see even smaller brands getting into quad core and possibly soon into 8 core solutions.

  • Camaman

    still 4.1?

  • Sandor

    What are the physical sizes? Frame at with?

  • One of the first U.S. resellers to carry the new Pipo M7 Pro with 1900×1200 display is a site called TabletSprint — this site also includes Bonus Apps and free monthly 3G USB connection with 500MB of data use each month.

  • irish

    Contemplating buying a new tablet, and I am big on value
    over style. The Pipo M7 Pro sounds interesting, but I am concerned about build quality
    and warranty. Any input or thoughts on those topics? Do you feel the product is
    at least made of average build quality? Anyone ever invoke the manufacturer’s
    warranty? My understanding is that the distributors are the first line of
    support in regards to the warranty, any recommendations on good distributors?