2 years ago China white box tablet vendors were posing problems to big device makers, with their low prices and compact devices, but now it’s the big brands that are causing problems for the white box firms. Prices are getting lower and lower as components are getting cheaper.


International tablet vendors have opted for low price models, increasing the pressure on Chinese white box vendors. This resulted in some white box companies closing up shop, according to supply chain sources in the know. Samsung, ASUS and Lenovo have all debuted cheaper 7 and 8 inch tablets, affecting the Chinese device makers.

Big white box vendors from China will increase in 2014, because they have R&D capabilities to develop powerful models, at very low prices. The smaller companies will either die or be swallowed by the giants. If you want to see what affordable means, just look at India’s Aakash tablets and their prices ($35 or even less).